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What is Virucide?

Virucide is a powerful liquid sanitizing agent, germicide, algaecide and
deodorizer. Often it’s used in Medical and Government facilites. 

When evaluated by accepted laboratory procedures, Virucide
provides superior germicidal and fungicidal activity far beyond that achieved
with currently available quaternary ammonium compounds.
Virucide is accepted for use in USDA inspected plants without a potable
water rinse.

• Kills COVID-19 & Other Viruses & Bacteria
• 25% more effective than other “quats” — Reduces costs
• Effective sanitizer at 150 ppm –Economical.
• Hard water tolerance — No reduction in effectiveness.
• Not corrosive to equipment — Eliminates premature equipment replacement.
• Pleasant mild odor — Acceptable to the U.S.D.A.
• Safe for use on all surfaces (except polished wood ie: Hard Wood Floors)

American Made & EPA Approved

Our Virucide, much like our hand sanitizer is proudly made and manufactured by our team in the USA. 

As per the CDC recent guidelines & recommendations for reopening businesses & public spaces safely. VIrucide meets the certifications & is EPA registered and certified so you can be assured that our product is safe to use, and effective at disinfecting and keeping your loved ones safe. 

EPA REG NO: 10324-81-67829

EPA EST NO: 67829-FL-1



Stocked in Gainesville, FL & Shipped Nationwide by Fedex

Unlike many other disinfectants currently on the market, Virucide is not only more effective, but its in stock now in both Ready to Use & Concentrate Formats

1 Gallon of Virucide Concentrate = 165 Usable Gallons

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    Virucide Concentrate – 5 Gallon Bucket

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    Ready-to-Use Virucide – 32oz Bottle w/ Sprayer

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Our Hand Sanitizers & Virucide products are made and manufactured in FDA Certified Facilities in the USA.  All of our products are stocked in Gainesville, Fl & shipped nationwide via Fedex

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